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Common Summer Plumbing Issues

Summer is almost everyone’s favorite season, and for good reason. People go on vacation, kids are home from school, and there’s something to do every weekend. Everyone can’t help but feel good from all the vitamin D they’re soaking up. Among all the other things that happen during the summer, there are also changes to your plumbing ecosystem happening every year.

Warm months can be hard on your plumbing. The heat and activity put your pipes and fixtures under new and varied strains. The best way to handle these new strains are to be prepared for them. Check out the most common summer plumbing issues – and how to address them – below.

More people in your home leads to more stress on your plumbing system.

During the summer, there are more people at home all at once. Kids are out of school and home more often, and usually less cognizant of plumbing best practices than adults. Pay closer attention to common plumbing problems like clogged drains, garbage disposal best practices, and the like. This attention can help you keep small problems from getting big in the face of increased summer foot traffic.

Outdoor plumbing fixtures commonly develop rust, cracks, and leaks during off months.

It’s high time you check on your outdoor plumbing fixtures. This includes looking at outdoor faucets for cracks and leaks, your gutters for back-ups, and sprinklers. Sprinklers especially. If you water your lawn or have kids at home, your sprinkler is likely a close friend during the summer.

They can cause a lot of waste if they’ve developed unnoticed cracks or leaks during the cold months. Fix them early in the season so you can enjoy them without upping your water bill later on.

Gas or sewer line disturbances due to summer planting.

June, July, and August are an ideal season for gardening. Whether you’re planting tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, or squash – you have to pay attention to where it’s going. Gas and sewer lines are frequently located in your yard. Know where they are before you dig and make sure you’re not about to cut into any pipes with your shovel.

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