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Do You Have A Slow Kitchen Drain?

Not all kitchen scraps flush down the garbage disposal with ease. Wait, isn’t that what garbage disposals are for? Yes and no. Properly disposing of kitchen waste is free and saves you from drain drama. To keep your pipes clear of debris and working as they should, avoid feeding these items to your garbage disposal.


Kitchen grease starts in liquid form, but hardens when it cools in your drain lines. Dump kitchen grease into old coffee cans or other sealed containers, and dispose of them in the trash.

Coffee grounds and eggshells

These items get heavy when mixed with water, and can lead to a clogged pipe. Properly dispose of these in the trash, or use them in the garden.

Pasta, rice, potatoes and beans

While these items might make a delicious meal for you, they aren’t as appetizing to your drain. They expand when mixed with water, forming a paste-like substance, which coats the inside of the pipes.

Instead of spending the extra time and money attempting to do it yourself, simply call the professionals at Clear Drain Plumbing to handle the issue safely and efficiently!


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