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Do you need a sewer line repair?

Sewer repair is one of the most essential plumbing services in terms of maintaining a level of sanitation in your home. Even something like a minor leak in your sewer line should require immediate attention, or else the results can be messy. You may lose full access to plumbing fixtures like toilets and sinks due to frequent clogging.


The next time you suspect your sewer line is malfunctioning, you can detect problems just by noticing a few things around the house. Please be on the lookout for these 6 warning signs:


High Water Costs

A single leak in your sewer line can waste tons of water and result in higher costs on water bills. At first, you may be a little shocked to see water costs skyrocket, but think of how your sewer line may be parlaying into the situation. You may want to call a plumber to perform leak detection to determine if indeed the line is responsible for such a sudden increase on bills.

Fixtures Clogging All at Once

Toilets, sinks, and showers are clogging all at once-oh my! This may seem like an overwhelming problem at first, especially when a plunger can only do so much to stop the situation from worsening. However, this is a sure-fire sign that problems exist within your sewer line.

Inconsistent Toilet Water Levels

One common sign of a sewer problem is when the water levels in your toilet fluctuate, even it is not in use. This is a sign that a massive sewer line clog may be well on its way, and requires the assistance of a professional immediately. A plumber will be able to determine the reason behind the problem.

Bugs and Rodents

When a sewer line is broken or cracking, it leaves room for bugs and rodents to nest inside. You may also begin to see these critters scampering about your home. If you get a little squeamish at the sight of bugs and mice crawling around, you need to call for sewer repair immediately to keep the scares this season down to a low.

Wet Spots on Landscape

Now here’s something unsanitary: wet spots on your landscape. This may be indicative a serious problem that will only get worse without professional assistance. Not to mention, it can greatly take away from your property resale value. Who would want to take a second look at a home with dirty water flooding the front lawn?

Old Sewer Line

If your sewer line is older than 40 years, it is in need of an inspection from a plumber. Though your sewer line may be able to perform even in its advanced years, you may discover it is more likely to experience problems, costing you more on repair. If the repair costs prove too much, it may be better to consider sewer replacement.


Contact Clear Drain Plumbing today if you notice any of these signs so one of our licensed plumbers can provide you with high-quality sewer repair!

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