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Does Nice Toilet Paper Ruin Your Plumbing?

We all love to be pampered, but when it comes to toilet paper, being a little too pampered might be bad for your plumbing! In fact, using thicker and softer toilet paper takes much longer to break down than regular old single or double ply.


If you have an older plumbing system in your home, nice toilet paper can cause major clogs and even flooding back into the home. As much as you may not want to hear this, using one-ply paper after going to the bathroom is what we recommend. Sorry!


Good Housekeeping , r and graded them on 10 tests. Among the things they tested was how well a sheet would dissolve. Most of the TP’s tested were give a “B” grade, but some achieved an “A” while a few were stuck with “C’s.” We get it, nice TP feels great on your backside, but it might be destroying your home’s plumbing system.


Next time you go to the store, consider the middle ground! You can sacrifice a little comfort for healthy plumbing, right?