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Finding a Water Leak in a Wall

Having a leak in your home-wherever it is-can wreak utter havoc on your home. Very quickly, dangerous mold and mildew can grow in those damp environments, threatening your health and the condition of your walls. It is imperative that you find these leaks as soon as possible!

Thankfully, leaking water can leave a lot of clues as to its whereabouts. A musty odor coming from a very specific area in your home, peeling or flaking wallpaper, spots on the walls-these are all big clues that will help you find out where the leak is. If you think you have a leak in your wall, give us a call right away.

How does Clear Drain find these leaks?

Well, we have very sophisticated equipment that the average consumer doesn’t, so it makes our job much easier and faster. The combination of our sophisticated equipment and expertise means we can find even the smallest leak. Once we find it, we can evaluate the damage and then fix it!

Fix leaks right away!

The sooner you locate a leak inside a wall, the more chance you will have to minimize the damage. Mold is nothing to mess with, so to keep your home and family safe, call Clear Drain right away!

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