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Have A Plumbing Inspection Before You Buy a Home

Every reasonable buyer inspects at least several things before making a down payment on a house. Superficial things are something that everyone checks in detail. However, if you really wish

to know what state your potential future house really is, you have to scratch the surface. Electric and heating installations and insulation need to be at the top of the list, but your number one priority should be the plumbing since problems in plumbing areas are usually the hardest to fix.  Hence, the need to do a plumbing inspection.

There are two very good reasons to insist on a sewer camera inspection of your sanitary and storm sewer before buying. If the house that you have your eye on is an older home in a mature neighborhood you probably have larger trees on or near the property.

Unfortunately where there are trees there are usually tree roots and they love to find water inside of your sewer. There is no way of knowing whether or not you have a tree root infestation without seeing it with a video camera inspection. You can roll the dice and wait for the first downpour but I think you’d rather not.

If you’re buying a newer home in a development the chances are good that you won’t have those pesky roots however new homes have other sewer issues. When a new homes foundation is back filled, it is not uncommon for the site crew to add some new trench backfill and then just push the existing spoils back into the space around the home. Over time that ground settles and when it does you run the very real risk of the sewer line shearing at the foundation wall. The piping drops and a blockage occurs. Many times this problem can go on for years without a catastrophic backup happening however, it will happen sooner or later. Having your sewer line video inspected gives you some piece of mind and it can save you some serious money in the long run.

If you are uncertain about any plumbing issues the home may have, it is strongly advised to consult a plumbing professional from Clear Drain Plumbing to do a plumbing inspection!

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