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How to Save Money this Spring on Plumbing Costs

Winter can cause some problems with your plumbing system. Hoses and pipes may develop cracks and cause them to leak. Drains can get clogged. Before problems escalate, it is best to check your plumbing in the spring and get it ready for spring rains and the rest of the seasons.

Here are spring plumbing tips so you’ll know what problems to look for and identify the areas where most plumbing problems occur during winter.


  • Check your faucets for leaks and drips. They are annoying and can eventually ruin sink fixtures as well as encourage mildew and mold growth. Fix leaking faucets immediately.
  • See if your toilet/water closet has developed a leak as well. To check, add a few drops of food coloring to the toilet tank and wait 20-30 minutes. If the colored water makes it to the bowl, you can be sure that your toilet has a leak. While you are at it, ensure that your flush is working properly. If you have to adjust it or need to hold the flush handle to have a uniform water flow, then tank parts have to be replaced.
  • Rotate the water supply valves under sinks and water closets to dislodge rust, mineral deposits or hardened caulk.
  • Keep dirt, soap and hair from clogging your drains by installing drain strainers.

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