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Water Heater

Replace my Water Heater? Or Repair it?

Water Heater

Replace my Water Heater? Or Repair it?

Suddenly lost your hot water?

For the gas/propane conventional storage-tank water heater: First, check if your water heater pilot light is on. If not, follow the safety/lighting directions on your water heater to turn on the pilot light.

Still no hot water? Call us at (408) 358-3242.


The average lifespan of a conventional storage tank water heater is 10-years. If your water heater has reached end of life, then replacement is a better option for you. When you see a leak from your water heater, there may be an internal issue and this can rarely be fixed. New models are up to 20% more energy- efficient and save you money.



If your water heater is only a few years old, then repair is a better option. Please give us a call on (408) 358-3242. We’ll send our knowledgeable technician to inspect your water heater and choose the best option.

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