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What are the Different Types of Water Pumps?

Types of Water Pumps

Water pumps come in a wide array of types. As well, there is no ideal pump for every circumstance, but each has a special purpose in a business or home. However, all types are in charge of moving water from one point to another unceasingly.

Well pumps: This type of water pump pushes water from underground water sources through pipes that connect to a home of business. Well water pumps also come in a variety of horsepower units. The benefit of a well pump is that you can select the appropriate device with the right amount of horsepower to fit your needs. There are also well water pumps with enough horsepower to supply more than one home or business.

Pressure tanks: This type of water pump regulates the pressure of the water as it enters the home. It is ideal for areas that have all four seasons. This is because seasonal changes can modify the pressure of your water. For instance, in the spring the melting snow will affect water pressure.

Sump pumps: This type of water pump is the ideal solution for removing excess water due to rain, melting snow and floods. The sump pump is typically installed in the basement where excess water can collect. The motor turns on when the float inside of the sump pump is activated by the water level. The motor then spins the blade which in turn pushes the excess water up a drain hose and outside the home or building. Additionally, submersible sump pumps can manage large amounts of water and be submerged without the hazard of electrical shortages.

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