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When Should You Replace Your Faucet?

Faucet and sink fixtures are a staple to keeping a household functioning. We use them every day in the kitchen to wash dishes and hands. Also, we use them in the bathroom for brushing teeth or washing faces.

When a faucet or sink fixture is not working, it can put a complete halt on the everyday tasks necessary in a home. It is important to know and understand why and when to replace the faucet or sink fixtures.

Some instances need replacing the faucet in your home’s kitchen or bathroom.

Usage of faucets every day can result in wear and tear over a length of time. Leaks, broken nozzles, broken O-ring, and broken seals may lead to faucet replacement.

What Are Signs Of Faucet Damage?

Faucet damage can come in several different forms. One of the first signs of damage to a faucet is if faucet is corrosion. Not cleaning water deposits and minerals can result in corrosion on a faucet

Corrosion can eventually happen to all faucets, but if the faucet is not kept clean, it can lead to small holes throughout the fixture. Even after turning off the faucet, if water comes through, it is a sign of a damaged faucet. Leaks can come from broken nozzles or broken seals for instance.

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