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Why You Should Invest in a Water Filter

Nowadays, people have become fairly suspicious of tap water. Yes, there are regulations out there to ensure safe drinking water, but there are always questions about whether or not tap water is truly safe.

To get around this issue, many people have started using water filtration systems. Not only do these provide better tasting water, but they also eliminate health risks.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider installing a water filter in your home:

They remove build up from your pipes

Most homes use copper pipes. For decades, copper was a cornerstone for plumbing, providing sturdy, reliable material to facilitate the flow of water in homes and commercial properties.

However, over time, more people have become suspicious of the age-old pipe. While it remains a viable solution, critics say that it corrodes after several years. Lime scale is a term used to describe the corrosive build up that accumulates over time. After a point, the pipes leach this potentially hazardous substance in your water supply. No one wants to drink that. If you filter your water with a special pitcher or other type of system, you don’t have to worry about copper corrosion.

They sanitize inbound water

Most residents receive their water from the same central supply. Regulations require the H20 to be tested and treated, which supposedly guarantees its safety. But these guarantees don’t appease all citizens. Trihalomethanes, a term used to describe the byproducts that form when chlorine is added to drinking water and combines with natural organic matter, can negatively affect our health. Given the current system of sanitization, these are hard to avoid.

Whether you’re suspicious of the regulation process or fear accidental contamination, a water filtration system can provide peace of mind.

They protect against water main breaks

In addition to the threat to physical safety, one of the big dangers of a main break is the potential for water supply contamination. When pipes that serve a whole community burst, they can become impure due to the presence of oils, debris and other environmental factors. However, a reverse-osmosis or kitchen filter system will ensure that those dangerous materials never affect your home’s tap water.

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